iPhone speaker docks

#1. Philips


Philips has some really interesting line-up of docking stations for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. These come with an extensive support; a couple of them have a clock display.

The Philips DS1155 speaker dock is a good-enough dock for a clear, crisp and high-quality indoor music. The coolest thing is that it’s small so it fits your bedside table. And it’s slick.

#2. JBL


JBL OnBeat Micro is the one you’re looking for if all you need is a minimal, small but powerful iPhone 5 dock speaker. It’s from JBL so I don’t have to describe to you how the output is supposed to be. It can run on four batteries (5 hours) and there’s the AC adapter too if you don’t want to use up precious triple-As.

#3. Bose SoundDock Series III


Bose SoundDock isn’t exactly the kind of a gadget a budget-conscious fellow would think of but in case you’re ready to shell out $250 for a dock that has no equals, this might be it. The SoundDock is well-known and the Series III is the only one I’ve seen that fits an iPhone 5. I think you can safely say that amongst most docks with speakers, the Bose SoundDock Series III is the best iPhone 5 docking station.


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